Arizona PowerShell – May 2nd


In this session, we will be discussing Pester, how it is setup, how it can be used, and also show live examples of Pester in practice.  Pester is a very unique tool because it is geared towards testing PowerShell scripts and verifying outputs.  When you use Pester, it can help everyone write better and more efficient code.  It will change your philosophy on how to write functions and how you can make sure they don’t break in the future.  We can also make sure that bugs that have popped up in the past can be avoided in the future.  We will also be discussing how Pester can be used to test your infrastructure.

Our Speakers: Joshua Twitchell, Joel Baltrus

JoshuaTwitchellJoshua Twitchell: Configuration Manager admin for Kiewit Construction.  Been using PowerShell for everything over the past 4 yrs.  Very much of the opinion of automate everything!

Joel Baltrus: Has lived in Arizona for 12 years and has been using PowerShell since v2. Is currently employed as a DevOps Engineer doing mostly PowerShell development. Discovered Pester about 2 years ago and continues to use it. Still learning how to write better code every day and Pester is the tool to help with that. Recently was lucky enough to attend the 2017 PowerShell DevOps Summit in Bellevue.

Sign up here: EventBrite


Tek Systems 
2625 South Plaza Drive
Suite #301 : 3rd Floor in the main conference room.

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