Arizona PowerShell – August 1st

Test Driven Development Using Chef

Test Driven Development of Chef Infrastructure Automation on Windows Configuration management is currently all the rage in the DevOps space right now but few are investing in the quality of their configuration code like they do with application code. Yet, all the same benefits apply resulting in a faster feedback loop and ultimately cost/time savings. In this session we will cover how to develop Chef cookbooks (with DSC resources) for Windows by writing rspec/Pester tests first. We will review how the red-green-red-green process ensures we have valid and useful tests. For good measure we will also show how mocking works to help isolate your tests. In addition to reviewing existing cookbooks, we will also write some new configuration code in the test-first style during the talk.  Chef, Kitchen, rspec, PowerShell, DSC and Pester make for a power combination when used together to write tests which drive the development of your configuration code. Come hear how we use this stack of tools to write our configuration code at EBSCO with high quality and you can too.

About Robb Scheiefer Robb S|chief7|er

Robb Schiefer is a Solution Architect for EBSCO Industries, a global company with businesses in Information Services and a wide range of industries headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. After successfully transitioning from quarterly to daily deployments for his group at EBSCO, Robb developed a passion for evangelizing DevOps and Continuous Delivery to anyone that will listen (and some that won’t). The goal of which is to continually improve the speed of value delivery to customers. Robb is also a co-founder of the Birmingham .NET Meetup in Birmingham, AL and a Microsoft MVP. Beyond the joys of software development, he enjoys family time, church, blogging and long walks on the beach.


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Tuesday August 1st, from 5:30 pm – 8 pm Arizona Time ( first 30 minutes reserved for speaker setup and for attendees to  network).  Speaker should start around 6 pm.

Tek Systems 
2625 South Plaza Drive
Suite #301 : 3rd Floor in the main conference room.
Tempe, AZ

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