Arizona PowerShell Users Group March 2020

Topic: Don’t Be a Geekhole – Become a Geek Who Can Speak

Forget the Coronavirus – there’s an epidemic spreading in our own IT world. Symptoms include insulting our own customers, not being able to explain our technologies to non-techies, and thinking we know it all. It’s called “Being a Geekhole”, the silent killer of IT projects, technologies and careers. And we’ve all got it. But have no fear – this talk is the cure! This engaging and entertaining talk will not only help you identify the current state of your geekiness, it will give you the tools you need to change your attitude towards your customers, your colleagues and your own career. There is hope! You’re not doomed to be a Geekhole forever. Become a Geek Who Can Speak and change the world!

About our Speaker:

Steve Correia – Steve Correia has been a Microsoft Technical Account Manager since 2014 and a paid professional computer geek since 1992. He’s also taught college-level communication classes, led marriage and parent classes, and refereed ice hockey. He currently performs as an Arizona Renaissance Festival cast member and with the Blue Box Improv troupe ( Steve has seen the power of improv improve his customer relationships, his own growth mindset, and his life with the people that truly matter. His wife Kirstin is a naturopathic physician who owns a thriving Arizona practice and serves at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. His son Skyler is Steve’s Ren Faire and improv performance partner and owns Replay Productions, a video production company.


If you are interested in joining remotely Browse to our Youtube Channel and look for our speaker:

If you plan on being OnSite please sign up via EventBrite or Meetup

Thursday March 5th, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Arizona Time

Tek Systems 
2625 South Plaza Drive
Suite #301 : 3rd Floor in the main conference room.
Tempe, AZ

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