Speaker Calendar 2018

Here is a list of who’s on Deck to speak at Arizona PowerShell Users group for 2018. Speakers that have already spoken are included as well. This is the planned calendar so far and is subject to change.

  • Jan 9th – Adam Bertram 
  • February  6th – Around The Room
  • March 6th –  Jaap Brasser 
  • April 3rd – Joel Bennett
  • May 1st –  Tim Warner
  • June 5th  – Working on speaker
  • July 10th – Working on speaker
  • August 7th – Working on speaker
  • September  4th-Working on speaker
  • October –
  • November 6th -Working on speaker
  • December 4th- Working on speaker

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you haven’t already you can sign up to get the session information each month: http://mach-me.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=6eeb27da5fc1b28070cb3096a&id=4389b0ed58

You can see some of the video’s we’ve recorded of sessions past: